Executive Summary
Douglas Klugh [Klū] is a 45-year old Project Leader and Software Engineer living in Scottsdale, Arizona.  He has over twenty years of experience delivering sophisticated and reusable software solutions, including more than ten years of software development and over ten years of analysis, planning, and consulting, together with eight years of project leadership.
Doug has directed numerous software projects for Fortune 500 companies, most of which include development of enterprise (software) systems for the banking and securities industries.  These projects include solutions for securities, investments and portfolio management, capital markets, consumer credit products, bank mergers and acquisitions, and compliance auditing for both SEC laws and home equity regulations.  Within the insurance industry, he has delivered solutions for claims processing, other party liability, customer service administration, and benefits management.  His experience in logistics includes inventory management.  Today, Doug is directing the development of a proprietary business intelligence framework for a world-leading Internet company.
While holding several certifications in quality and software process, Doug has mentored various companies in the adoption of Agile technologies including Scrum and the Rational Unified Process (RUP).  Utilizing his formal education, continued training, and years of experience in nearly all software engineering disciplines, Doug is providing expertise in software process engineering, business process modeling, authorship and management of functional and strategic requirements, design and implementation of various data and software architectures, construction of software systems utilizing various programming languages, and administration of software configuration and change management.
Utilizing software engineering best practices, Doug has established himself as a leader in delivering high-performance business application software across various commercial industries.  His accreditations include certification within numerous software engineering disciplines, along with his leadership in both local and global software communities.
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